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Native American Settlements


New Title Pictures and a lot more!

The new Update is out now!
As stated before this Update focuses on displaying more of Native American Cultures to Educate about the great diversity and overshadow stereotypical Portrayals of the past. (The Name was Changed to plural since it now features more than one Settlement of different Cultures)

What would you put in the Cave?
Tell us Suggestions in the Comments what you would like to see in the Cave located under the Wigwam!
The Wigwam including the entire Rock it's standing on is openable so there are a lot of playing possibilities.
Hidden Treasures, Artefacts, what would result in the best playing possibility in your opinion? Tell us!


Update 1: Added Cultural Diversity!

After talking with the Association of Native Americans in our Country we've gotten a lot of good Suggestions to include more Aspects of the very broad Cultures that were and currently still are present in America.
We would be very happy if this Project could serve as an educational tool in showing that there's more to Native American Cultures than what often has been portrayed in popular Media over the Years, encouraging people to do further research if they are interested in the Topic and Cultures.
Wigwam (on the left) often made out of animal skin or bark, woven reed mats and dried grass:
House built in Adobe syle, which were made in permanent Settlements called Pueblos:Totem Poles were almost exclusively used by Tribes residing at the Coastal Areas.

Added two new buildings, a Wigwam and a Pueblo
Added two Minifigures from different Tribes
Added Cooking Station over large Tipi Fireplace
Added outside Fireplace and Shield Rack infront of small Tipi

Part Count: 
Pueblo: 362
Small Tipi: 267
Medium Tipi 475
Large Tipi: 664
Wigwam and Hill: 697
Total Parts: 2465

Some Background Information:
There are currently 562 recognized tribes living in th US. All tribes have different ways of life and customs with different traditional Accomodations.
We have decided to include three different traditional building styles, out of many more from a rich culture. In this Set we represented the Pueblos which are rectangular, solid houses made of adobe mud or clay bricks with many annexes, some storeys only accessible via retractable ladders.
The wigwam, which were dome-shaped and had a roof made of animal skin or bark, woven reed mats and dried grass. And last but not least, our three Tipis, which could be set up and dismantled quickly and had a tarpaulin made of sewn and tanned buffalo hide. This made them perfect for following a herd of buffalo around which used to be vital for survival for Nomads, while the resident Natives dealt with agriculture, jewelry making, pottery and bartering. Totem poles were only found in a few northern coastal regions and usually represent a specific families history.
Our set should encourage people to show interest and openness towards other cultures and overshadow some stereotypes that arose over the years.
We even got some insights and help by an actual representantive of Native Americans in our Country which was a pleasant experience.
Have we made you curious to learn about other Cultures?

The Main Project will be expanded with the above Pictures as soon as possible, though for now there is a wait Time after Submission.

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