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Rivendell: Feast With The Dwarves


Hello Lego Fans and LOTR Fans! This project is going to be one of three Rivendell sets, this project took me roughly two days to build, and is roughly 300 pieces.

In the Hobbit movies the Company of Thorin Oakenshield is getting chased by an orc pack commanded by Azog The Defiler, after escaping by a troll pathway, and elves from Rivendell attacking, the dwarves are led by Gandalf to go to Rivendell, after arriving at Rivendell, they were defensive because of their dislike of Elves, later in the sequence, they were invited to eat, and made a mess of the feasting place. Then the dwarves complain about the "green food", stating that they don't like it and think it is not good food. Then they complain about the music, which then they start their own "song", which is totally unappreciated by the Elves.

Remember, this set will be the 1 of the 3 sets in Rivendell that I will create. The future build of the Rivendell series will be: The Last Homely House. The Link For The White Council set I created is here:

Minifigures will include: Elrond, Gandalf, Thorin, Balin ,Dwalin, Bilbo, Bofur, Bombur, Ori and Dori.

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Thanks to everyone for supporting, following, commenting, and sharing! Please be watching out for my other projects under the username "TheLordOfBricks", the rest of my builds will be LOTR or Hobbit builds! Brick On!

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