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The Embrace of a Tree


Embracing a tree is far from a common hug. It branches much farther. So far in fact that it transcends reality enatirely. When one is embraced by a tree that special person is under its magnificent protection. They are subject to the wondrous beauty of life and are given the greatest oppurtunity: to be apart of it. The embrace of a tree is something of legend. It is said to be only experienced by the wise. Though, even the wisest haven't realized that all one must do to be embraced is to be patient and kind. The embrace of a tree is truly far from a common hug, but the essence of it is as common as it can commonly be.

At roughly 5.5 x 5.5 x 9 inches, the set is a decorational piece. It shows off a dominant tree and a peaceful child slighty off to the side. There are also a few signs of life in the form of an owl, cat, and several frogs. For some reason, there appears to be some sort of frog statue too. Anyway, the tree is designed with more than just brick on brick connections for reinforcement and the dark grey base provides stability. 


~ Ah, so they were frogs! That frog statue proves it. 

~ I guess so.

~ No quantum state then?

~ Well, I suppose not, but that one cat is here.

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