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Off-Grid Foldable Tiny House 'Casita'


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Today, I proudly present to you: FREEDOM!

All minifigures are in a search of a life more tranquil, more versatile and more sustainable, and are now able to obtain a contemporary minimalistic, yet cosy foldable tiny house! Live life, big and small! This self-sustaining housing solution unlocks countless spectacular views along the shores of peaceful lakes, at an open place in the woods, by the sea or in the mountains. The only prerequisites are a level spot and a LEGO City rental crane!

The build would offer many hours of happy playability for kids. AFOL's will surely appreciate the mesmerizing transformation. If you would like to see the folding mechanisms in action, please have a look at the video clip above for some animation.

Thank you for reading, please support if you like the project!

Model Information:

The model was inspired by Boxable's Casita product and was constructed using Bricklink's software and rendered using the on-board photorealistic eyesight render engine. The model without the interior consists of 365 pieces. Including the interior, the piece count is 600. The transport trailer and diorama scenery in the main photo would add around 1000 pieces. It is envisioned that the set comes with a selection of the depicted scenery elements, but this is optional. The set comes with two minifigures, a mechanic responsible for relocation of the house and the nature-loving homeowner. Enjoy!

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