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Neo Classic Spaceship


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Why did I build it?
Born in 1977 in The Netherlands, my childhood revolved around Lego. Classic Space must have been my favourite theme amongst fierce competition from the Castle, Trains and Town themes. Because the larger sets were quite expensive at the time, my aunt would ship a set from The United States every year for my birthday. The incredible sensation this has brought with it every year, has made Lego become and remain an important part of my life. When I think back to my childhood, I think of Lego and the fond memories that were inextricably linked to it. Today, I would like to try and give back something to the community, as a tribute to what Classic Space has given me.

What is it?
I have created a nimble reconnaissance space craft based on the Lego Classic Space colorscheme. The model comprises of less than 300 bricks in its current form. This third generation MOC is an asymmetrical build which incorporates a part selection stretching multiple decades. The aim was to create a relatively small set with a modern yet friendly appearance based upon epic heritage. The craft is designed for reconnaissance work but is suffienciently equipped to defend itself if deemed required. It features next level equipment to scan its surroundings. Propulsion is achieved through an anti-matter reactor coupled to a warp drive. Ufonium element 115 is stored in the double armoured fuel tank. The ship contains 2 anti-anti-matter seeking missiles and 4 miniature rocket boosters which remotely attach to medium sized asteroids posing a threat to any minifigure astronaut wandering through the voids of imagination. ;-)

Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?
Building upon what many of us regard as a feeling of pure happiness, this compact set would make a nice addition to our desks at home or at work or in the bedrooms of a future generation with happy childhood memories.

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