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Space Shuttle Discovery


Blast off into space with the Space Shuttle Discovery!

This recreation of the famous Space Shuttle Discovery comes jammed with features that any Lego fan would love! Features on the space shuttle include:

  • Opening cockpit
  • Folding wing and tail fins
  • Storage room in the shuttle's nose
  • Opening cargo bay
  • Working crane
  • Room for FOUR minifigures in the cockpit!

I've always been fascinated by the space shuttles, and I've loved their sleek designs. I tried as best as I could to replicate the signature look of the space shuttle, while sizing it to minifigure scale. Some creative liberties had to be taken to keep it scale-appropriate. The piece count comes in at 2,708!

Included are six minifigures, each based on the six crewmen of the Discovery's first mission which deployed three satellites into space.

This set would appeal to space lovers, modelers, historians, kids, science enthusiasts.. anyone, really! So if you want this massive shuttle on your desk at home, support it maybe? Thanks!

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