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Modular Hair Salon


This is a Lego hair salon. It is compatible with all of the modulars in the official modular Creator Expert Line.

Before we get into the salon itself, I'd like to point out that there are no scissors, sprays, or shampoo in this salon. Instead, there are hammers, chisels, and hair pieces for minifigures. And this comes out of a Lego joke. Thus, customers to this salon pick a new hair piece and get their old one removed, and then have the new piece securely fastened to their head. Of course, this is a bit silly, but as soon as I came up with the idea for a hair salon, I just couldn't resist adding in a bit of Lego humor!

Anyways, on the ground floor we have the salon itself, and it has a display of figures wearing some hair pieces on offer, as well as a set of stairs to lead into the salon. The cashier would stand near the front to allow customers to pay for their hairdos. In the back are the hairpieces on offer, as well as the chairs where the customers would sit and get their hair done.

Moving to the very back, you can exit out the back door and climb the stairs to an apartment, where on the second floor, there is a kitchen with a sink, a refrigerator, microwave, stove, oven, cabinets, drawers, and counter space. There is also an armchair for relaxing across from the door, and under the stairs is a table where the residents can eat. 

Climb up the stairs to find a bathroom and two bedrooms. The bathroom has, of course, a sink, a toilet, and a bath tub. On top of the toilet are two cups with a toothbrush in each, for each of the residents. There is also soap in a bottle and a bar of soap for the bath tub. In one bedroom is a bed with light blue sheets and a set of drawers with a fake plant on the top. The second bedroom has a bed with patterned sheets and a set of drawers with an action figure on the top.

The minifigs included are a salon worker and two roommates who are sharing the apartment. One, as demonstrated by the accessories that they're carrying, is into cooking, the other is a music person.

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