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Lancia Delta Integrale 16v Rally Car(1990)



9000 supports, that's fantastic, thank you all!

At least one more update promised on the way to the magic 10K, a nice little detail I have not implemented yet.

Please share any thoughts or wishes in the comments


A sparkling dashboard for those night stages, at the Montecarlo 1990 Rally!

First of all, many thanks to all of you for continuing to support my project while I was absent! A lovely new little daughter may have something to do with it :D

While building the car, and digging deeper into it's history, I realised that I had to choose one specific livery to go with it, to match all the details outside and inside. The choice fell on the 1990 Montecarlo stage, so here we are! For the time being it's just a sneak preview, better pictures will follow. The internal decorations have also been updated.

Of the many other ideas I had left uncompleted, I finally implemented the separately lit-up dashboard. A neat little detail to increase it's playability as well as it's display model status.

I am so happy to read in the comments that many of you want this on the shelves -
Keep supporting, the 10K are within reach!

Note: In the one picture where the new livery is visible I edited out some sponsors in order to avoid infringements of the Lego Ideas regulations.


Some technical insights

Dear all!

It is a Lego Technic model after all, so here's a picture giving some insights.

As in the description, to be seen the direct drive at the back connecting through the drive shaft to the differential at the front. In between, the 2WD/4WD switch which is operated through the gear lever. The 3 PF L motors are low behind the seats, to keep the centre of gravity low.

I hope you enjoy this picture,

thanks again for your support, more to come!





Thank you all so much for your support! This is more fun than building it... almost! :D

For this update I wanted to give it a personal touch. Next updates are going to be more technical.

Share it with friends and social media!

Take care and stay safe everyone, cheers,



More pictures!

Dear all,

Thank you so much for your support and cheerful comments! It has been a fantastic first week!

New milestone ahead, more updates ahead. I am currently working on a couple of neat details that will take a few weeks, yet before that, two pictures that were missing: One with the rear lights on and a better one of the interior, which deserves more attention.

Would you like to see pictures recreating a rally setting? Let me know in the comments.

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