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The Detroit Edison Co. Baldwin 0-6-0 Switcher No. 203

Introducing the D.E.C. 0-6-0 Switcher!

In May 1928, this 0-6-0 yard switcher was built by the renowned Baldwin Locomotive Works. For over three decades, until her retirement in 1964, this steam locomotive worked for the Detroit Edison Company by hauling coal cars from St. Claire to Marysville, Michigan. A year after her retirement, on July 16th, 1965, Detroit Edison donated this humble switcher to Marysville, Michigan, and she now resides in the City Park as a static display.

Alas, like many other openly-displayed steam locomotives, 203 has dealt with much weathering, from being vandalized by disrespectful trespassers, to enduring nature's cycle. Hopefully, someday, this historical yard switcher will receive a thorough restoration to her former glory, and will receive much better treatment from her owners and the public.

How it came together...

For years, I have been wanting to see more of Michigan's preserved steamers and diesels from eras past. One day, I decided to browse "Preserved Steam Locomotives in Michigan" on my web-browser. Surely enough, an image of the Detroit Edison Co.'s 203 appeared in the results. I was immediately intrigued, since I am a fan of humble little yard switchers such as this. Over time, I thought about building this fine engine. And so, I did, in late April 2021. Because of my busy work schedule, it took longer than expected to build this model. Now, after much waiting, building, planning, and rebuilding, D.E.C. 203 is finally here!

Project Description:

This replication of D.E.C. Switcher No. 203 is 1,006 pieces. It boasts features such as working coupling-rods, a removable cab roof, articulation for handling standard LEGO® train track curves, and true-to-life detailing. To make way for Powered UP motorization, the cab of this steam locomotive can be separated to easily slide in an S-motor. The "turtleback" tender also has a lot of room for a Powered UP hub.

Finally! A conclusion!

Thank you all so much for viewing this little project. If you have read the entire description up to this point, kudos to you. Please feel free to express your opinion(s) about this project in the description section above. Have a great day, and take care!

This project submitted to LEGO Ideas by Joseph cheeseinthepie on June 6th, 2021.

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