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The Natural World

This set is meant as a tribute to the natural world. It contains 4 separate biomes on Earth and some wildlife is present there.

Biome 1:
This represents the oceans, here we have 3 fish swimming through an area containing coral and seaweed as well as a starfish.

Biome 2:
This represents the deserts and dry areas of the planet, there is a small bush and some dry grass and rocks along with a scorpion and spider.

Biome 3:
The third area shows the frozen habitats of the planet. It has some snowy cliffs topped with snow, an area of ice and then an area of snow along with some penguins who live there.

Biome 4:
The fourth area is a woodland with a tree, some grass and some flowers, along with a stream and some frogs who live near it.

The minifigure I have featured is world renowned naturalist David Attenborough, as a tribute to his work.

I chose to build this set as I am fascinated by the natural world and the work of David Attenborough. I believe this would make a great set as it is the perfect size to fit on a desk as a small display. It can be displayed using all sides and rotated depending on which biome you would like to view. It's total part count is 237.

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