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Galley of Warriors

Hello. I'm Iyan Ha. This project is "Galley Of Warriors".

This is a ship that doesn't really exist. It's an imaginary ship.
Without reference, I designed it myself from beginning to end.
I worked with Studio 2.0, a designer program. The submitted photos are rendering images. 
(Sails were not updated in "Studio 2.0, so they were synthesized after they were actually made.)
Program PartDesigner designed a pattern of 3x3 round tiles on both sides of the ship.
The design of the mini figures used the ones updated in Studio 2.0.
A total of 2330 parts were used, including all the parts of the minifigures(4) and animal(1)
I remember the great warriors I saw on TV, the great team heroes in the movie.
Some heroes protect the Earth by boarding big robots or airplanes.
Wasn't there heroes and warriors like them in ancient times?
I think there were as many great warriors as today's heroes in the past.
They would have defended their country and their families with their own weapons.
And they would have boarded a wooden ship, not a big robot or an airplane.
I don't know their names or appearances, but I'm sure they existed as heroes of an era.
I made this project thinking about them in ancient times.
This project I built is an ancient ship that would have carried brave warriors and spent the rest of its life with the sea in the old days.
Perhaps this ship was considered a living comrade to the warriors.
This project is about the ship and their story.(fiction)

Ancient ships are as solid and purposeful as ships built in the modern era.
But unlike now, it is made of brownish wood.
Engineers would have carved the ship themselves and breathed life into it with rough hands.
This handmade ship contains their soul and spirit.
The warriors who first saw the curved ship by cutting down the upright trees must have been filled with confidence.
They called the ship "Brown", which was made of strong wood.
It is a ship that rowing directly and using the wind. 
But it is more direct and free than the current ship.
It is combative and forward. 
And beautiful.

He is the leader of the warriors of this ship.
He is the man who thinks a captain should wear a golden helmet.
He thinks the captain should do that.
Before he became a captain, he always thought this and survived the battle.
"If I become a leader later on, I will definitely wear a golden helmet !"
He has a golden treasure box containing treasures in the cabin. He just seems to like gold or treasure.
He doesn't allow other sailors to use golden pitches and weapons.
But he's a great leader. He has defended Brown and his other comrades well so far.
He deserves to use gold.
His weapon is a gold sword. His comrades call him Captain Gold.

He has always been very good at archery. He lived in green forests and bushes.
One day, Captain Gold gave him gold and scouted him for Brown.
He's been shooting arrows all the time, so he's got great eyes even though he's old.
He always brags about his experience and old age when he is aiming for something far away.
When he was in the forest, green grasses and leaves shielded him from view and protected him.
And the green clothes that he always wears served as a protective color.
But now he's aiming his bow on a ship rocking in the waves.
And the green leaves and grass that protected him are not around.
He always wears the green clothes he wore in the forest even after boarding the Brown.
He often complains that he liked the time when he shot an arrow in the forest.

He thinks that ships are always surrounded by blue.
The blue sea supports the ship below, and the blue sky surrounds the ship above.
So he believes that blue is the color that protects him and this ship.
He uses nothing but a spear as a weapon.
Because the spear is the highest in the sky or the deepest in the sea.

The only female on the team, she is more radical, action-driven and tough than any other warrior.
She used multiple weapons at first, but now she's the only one who likes axes.
It goes well with her personality.
She is not interested in red, but her colleagues always recommend red clothes, saying they match her. 
She refused, but at Captain Gold's command, she was dressed in red.

Sailors can often eat fresh egg dishes. It's because of the chicken in Brown.
This chicken is a grateful and cute girl who always provides fresh eggs to warriors.
Now they're friends with the warriors, and the warriors regard this pretty chicken as a warrior like themselves.
This chicken with white feathers lays white eggs every day.

Design of the galley
Stretched masts and angled cabins over curved hulls are remarkably designed.
On the bow side, there is a protruding part that can move forward vigorously through the water.
Both the bow and the tip of the belly have large curved arches.
There are several oars in the center of the ship. They can adjust the direction or angle to some extent.
Both sides of the ship have anchor and rudder.
A total of three sails were used with masts and ladders. The sails are beige with brown stripes.
In the middle of the deck is an entrance into the ship.
The cabin is at the end of the ship's deck. If you go up the low stairs, you will find a door that you can open. On the wall of the cabin, there are windows with bars overlooking the outside.
You can view the interior of the cabin by separating only the cabin ceiling or by separating the entire cabin.
Inside the cabin, there is a small chicken pool, and if you separate the front of the chicken pool, you can see the chicken in detail.
There is a map, food, and tableware on the table, and there is a chair next to the table.
On one side of the corner of the cabin is a treasure chest full of treasures, and on the walls are candles lit.
Underneath the ship is a large pedestal that supports the ship.
It was made separable from the ship. It is designed to support the ship firmly using many arched parts.

End of writing about "Galley of Warriors" in support of their voyage.
Thank you to everyone who watches my work and the LEGO IDEAS Team.

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