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Airship Station


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Our modular town's old gasometer has been repurposed into a modern airship station and park!

In the 1930s, the idea of using skyscrapers as mooring towers for airships was floating around, and in 1931, an airship did dock briefly at the top of the Empire State Building. That idea, combined with the repurposing of another icon of the industrial age, the gasometer, into parks and buildings, inspired me to design a LEGO Airship Station for the modular buildings theme.

Modular towns can always use more green space, so I've included a small park and some kids playing hopscotch beneath the gilded age girders. This unusual form of transport has become something of a tourist attraction in town, and two Segway riders have stopped to make a selfie with the airship while another enjoys the view from the platform above.

Some of the model's features:
  • A rigid airship with some interesting technic building techniques in the internal airframe
  • The airship has an extending handle on the top and a sturdy frame inside for full swoosh-ability
  • The gondola has space for the pilot and three passengers
  • One side of the gondola fully opens for easy loading and unloading of passengers
  • A working elevator takes passengers from street level to the loading platform
  • A small park with a bench and tree provides some much-needed green space for the town's residents
  • A crank just under the platform rotates the landing platform to align with the wind (or your preferred viewing angle)
  • The airship rests securely in the sloped landing platform
  • A windsock helps the pilot gauge her approach

The model fits the 32x32 stud modular standard and is the same height as the Town Hall set (10224). The best display positions keep the airship from extending beyond the baseplate at the rear so the model easily fits an existing modular building shelf display. The model contains 2,992 pieces.

The model was designed in LDCad and rendered in Blender.

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