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Lego Mini Golf Course


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Mini Golf courses are really fun to go to in the real world, but if this set gets approved there will me mini golfing in Lego as well! This set could be both a display set and a set that you can pay with. Competitions can be held between your friends and family to see who is the best at Lego Mini Golf. In this set there are a total of four holes and a store. These 5 pieces can be arranged in anyway possible using technic bricks at the base. This set comes with 7 minifigures. 2 minifigures are staff members of the mini golf course and 5 minifigures are visitors to the course.

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What is all in the set:

The Store:
In the store you can get your mini golf equipment. It has...
  • 2 cash registers
  • 2 computers
  • 6 golfing clubs
  • 6 golfing club holders
  • 7 differently colored golf balls
  • removable roof

"The Black Hole":
The Black Hole has a slightly more elevated platform than the Golden Pegs and the Windmill. The hole ends up sloping down into a giant black hole that will eat any mini golf ball that comes near it.

"Golden Pegs":
The Golden Pegs consists of small nose cones that stand as obstacles to the mini golf balls to have to pass.

"The Slide"
The slide has an elevated starting platform. There is a 45 degree angle slope that leads down the elevated starting platform leading to the hole.

""The Windmill":
Windmills are a classic mini golf hole. It has a huge central windmill with a moving spoke.

Play Features:
The Lego Mini Golf Course has many play features for adults and children alike to play with!
  • 4 playable holes
  • 6 mini golf clubs for figures to hold or humans to use
  • 7 mini golf balls that are all in different colors. The balls can slide on the courses and into the holes
  • 4 holes that are removeable from the rest of the holes
  • A windmill with a moveable spoke to stop your opponents
  • A removeable roof on the Store

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