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Lego Mini Golf Course

100 Supporters!!!


Thank you guys I couldn't have reached 100 supporters without you! We are a hundreth of the way to 10k. Thanks for helping support me. I am making more projects. Make sure to follow me so that you can get notified when a new project comes out. Again Thanks for all the support!

Check out my new youtube channel about Lego at I currently only have 1 video but am creating more.

New Marge Simpson Brickheadz


I made a new project that just got released. It is my second idea in my Simpsons Brickheadz series. More are on the way! I currently have 5 projects in the queue so make sure to follow me so that you can tell when I release future projects. Thanks so much!

The link to get ot my new project is


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Thank you for all of the help to getting to 50 supporters on this project. If you have time check out my other projects and leave a support on them. Also, I have 4 projects in my queue that I plan to release as soon as possible. Make sure to follow me to know when they come out!


Thank you guys I couldn't have reached 50 supporters without you!



Thank you for the help to get to 40 followers on this project! We are 40% of the way to the first milestone after only 3 days! Thanks for the support and make sure to follow me for future projects and check out my other projects!