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Basement & Sewerage


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What lies Beneath the Baseplate?

The basement section of this set (back of the model) features fully detailed and equipped rooms with removable outer walls for all-around displayability and access – starring the janitor and his cat, the basement is packed with hidden stuff and fun references to all LEGO Modular Buildings released to date. Meanwhile, in the sewerage (front of the model) you can accompany two technicians on a routine check, telling each other creepy stories about the infamous “albino alligator” lurking in the dark – but of course, it's just a stupid urban legend, right?! You can use this “Basement & Sewerage” model as a stand-alone display or play set, but also as an underground extension for any 32x32 Modular Building* or MOC to add a whole new level of display and play value!

The Idea

Some months ago when I was thinking about new ideas for my next MOCs, two questions came to my mind: Why does no LEGO Modular Building have a proper basement? And where could those drainages that can be found on every Modular Building's pavement possibly lead to? Eventually I decided to approach both questions in one go by building this “Basement & Sewerage” as a stand-alone model or extension set for Modular Buildings.

Stand-alone set or extension for 32x32 Modular Buildings

This set comes with curved slopes and replacement tiles in Medium Stone Grey for seamless fixation on 3 or 4 corners of any* 32x32 Modular Building’s own base (depending on the building’s layout). Alternatively you can place the extension under the tabletop below your Modular Building or city layout (without attaching), or you can use it as a standalone set.

Main Features of the Model

Basement (Model's Back, Side & Top View, base size: 22x32 studs)

- 5 fully detailed and equipped basement rooms:
  • Janitor's room
  • Compartment A belonging to one of the house's shops/residents
  • Compartment B belonging to another shop/resident
  • Mechanical room
  • Corridor

- 3 secret rooms/stashes:
  • Hidden “Safe Room” (with removable ceiling)
  • Concealed floor stash (containing “some” valuables)
  • The janitor’s secret trophy cabinet (with hidden opening mechanism)

- 4 removable outer walls for all-around displayability and access to the basement (even with an attached Modular Building on top)

- Lots of memorable stuff (rare builds, bricks or pieces) from all LEGO Modular Buildings' inventories has been stored in the basement – which (hidden) references can you spot? (Feel free to post in the comments what you found!)

- Featuring 1 minifigure (the janitor – why does he look so familiar, by the way?) and 2 animals (cat & mouse)

Sewerage (Model's Front View, base size: 10x32 studs)

- The detailed front view section of the model is a great upgrade for display and play value of any 32x32 Modular Building* or MOC, showing what's happening below the pavement – of course you can use the set as a standalone display or play set as well

- Sewerage sections of multiple extension sets connect seamlessly to create a continuous passageway along a street of Modular Buildings

- Accompany the two sewerage technicians on their routine check through the sewerage, telling each other creepy stories about the infamous “albino alligator” lurking in the dark – of course, it's just a stupid urban legend, right?!

- Features 2 minifigures (technician with flashlight, technician with crowbar) and 1 animal (albino alligator).

Fun Facts & Hints

- The model weighs 1890 grams.
- The boom box is the cat’s property, not the janitor’s.
- Behind the basement’s entrance door there’s more to be seen than just a grey wall (only to be revealed in the event of reaching the 1,000 supporters mark).
- The albino alligator does not only look very different from usual alligators, it is also a herbivore and has an unusually philanthropic personality.
- Only the janitor knows about the secret button on the wall which opens his hidden trophy cabinet under the stairs. I've not decided yet what (sports) the janitor earned all these trophies for and I'm open to good ideas – so if you'd like to make a suggestion, feel free to leave a comment.
- There’s a direct link between the video tapes and the contents of the secret floor stash ...
- The full list of included references to other LEGO Modular Buildings will be revealed in the event of reaching the 5,000 supporters mark.
- The cat and the mouse are actually longstanding friends.

* Supplementary Notes

- This model is compatible with all LEGO Modular Buildings standing on one 32x32 or two 16x32 baseplates; excluding “Assembly Square” (10255).
- Should my project become an official LEGO IDEAS set, maybe the retail product could get an additional “B Model” that fits “Corner Building” layouts more appropriately – however, the original model you can see here basically works for those layouts, too.

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