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Medieval Library

I am very happy to finally present my Medieval Library! Originally planned to be a medieval monastery, it used to be much bigger but was cut into two halves to save on resources. The library is family-owned by the five included Minifigures and has been through generations. The model itself is a modular building, but interestingly enough, it's not only modular vertical but horizontal as well, as in the modules connect internally. The model features 3 removable modules with removable roofs to allow access to the interior. This model also follows the style of my previous Medieval Trading Post to make it seem as if it's part of the same world that I seem to be slowly constructing. Also, this project is the largest in scale I have made so far, standing at exactly 3000 pieces on the dot. This model is great for those who love the medieval theme of course and also for those who love the modular structure theme. I do have to say, I really wish I could have done more with the interior but spent most of the detailing on the exterior. This model was a bit more tiring to build than others I have worked on, but hopefully, it was worth it in the end!

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