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Bluey! Again!


New Characters!! Hooray!

To thank everyone for all of their hard work in supporting and sharing this project, I finally created Lucky's dad, Pat! I also included a new version of Pom Pom!


Small Hidden Detail

Here's a small detail I've been meaning to show you guys. Check out the mirror of the car! ;)


9000 Supporters!!!

Hooray!! We are so close to 10K! Thank you guys so much for continuing to share this and supporting this project. I'll have a few more characters out in a bit, so stay tuned.


Don't forget to watch the Youtube video to support it's popularity.


7000 Thousand Supporters!!

Woohoo!! 7000! We are inching closer and closer to 10K each day! Thank you guys so much for supporting and sharing this project! It means a lot. Please keep up the great work! I'll try and make a new character really soon, so stay tuned.


6000 Suppporters!!

We achieved 6000 supporters and are well on our way to making it to 10K! Thank you everyone who have supported this and shared it to social media! It's super helpful, so please keep up the great work. Thanks! :)

To celebrate this, I created a new character!


5000 Supporters!!

We are halfway there!! just 5000 more to go! Thank you everyone who shared this to Facebook, Reddit, and TikTok! It's such a huge help! If we want to make it to 10K we're going to have to keep this up. Please keep sharing this with your fellow Bluey fanatics. Let's make this a thing!!

I'll have the next character out very soon, so stay tuned...


2500 Supporters!! New characters!

We hit 2500 supporters just in 2 days!! This is amazing! Thank you everyone who have supported this and shared it on social media. It's a huge help! Please continue to share this to get the word out.

To celebrate this achievement, I created the Terriers:

And Here's the Winton I made a while back:

Thank you guys so much!


1000 supporters in one day!?!

You guys are awesome!! Thank you so much for your undying support!

And special thanks goes to @Worldshaker for sharing this on his TikTok! Thanks for always having my back, mate!

To celebrate I improved the design of Mackenzie:


100 supporters!

We've made a great start and have reached 100 supporters in a few hours! To celebrate this achievement, I've created a new character! This is just the beginning. If we want this set to make it to 10K votes we'll have to share this project all over the internet!

Thank you @RobMobster for sharing this on Reddit!

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