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Bluey! Again!


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G'day mates! I am super excited to give Ludo Studio's "Bluey" a second chance at getting its own LEGO set. Like Chilli said, "..The show must go on," and so it shall! I won't give up until there's a Bluey set on the shelves! So hit the support button and share this idea with your fellow Bluey fanatics to help me make this a reality.

Why would Bluey make a great 14+ LEGO set? Why not a Duplo set for small children?

Because, if you haven't noticed, not surprisingly the biggest Bluey fans are either middle schoolers or adults of all ages! Mostly adults. The show may look like a cute little kids show for preschoolers, but no. Don't judge a book by its cover I say! It is a show made for adults to enjoy alongside their kids, or even by themselves! I'm a 16-year-old and I love Bluey more than any preschooler could.

Therefore, I believe a set focused on an older audience would be the best choice and would make the most dollar bucks. There are already Bluey play sets that the little kiddos can enjoy. What about the adults? If this set was for adults, it wouldn't take any money away from the company that makes the Bluey toys, because parents would still buy the regular toys for their kids and would most likely buy the LEGO set for themselves. See what I mean now? Good! On to the build...

Why did I build it?

Because Bluey is literally the best show I have ever seen in my life, and I can't believe that LEGO hasn't taken advantage of its ever-growing popularity yet. LEGO and Bluey is just a perfect combination! Bluey is all about creativity and play and so is LEGO.

The set:

This set includes the iconic Heeler's house which is packed with small details and can be easily taken apart for easy access, the Heeler's car including a driver's seat, passengers' seat, and Chloe's birthday present, and 8 Characters including Bluey, Bingo, Bandit, Chilli, Muffin, Socks, Lucky, and Rusty! This set would make a perfect gift for any older fan of the series and features a few easy to build sections so you and your family can easily share the fun of building it together. There are also 6 long dogs hidden around the house. How many can you spot?

The House:

I totally rebuilt the house from the ground up with a sturdier, slightly smaller, and more refined design than the original.

The front yard looks very similar to the last one, but with small improvements such as the new bush design, new mailbox, printed windows, and a more accurate porch. The bird bath is now redesigned to be a flower display as it's supposed to be in the show. The front yard's easter eggs include the garden gnomes, Geramy and um... the other one, the mailbox with a printed 2 on the front, and a hidden longdog.

The new backyard looks so much better now with an accurate porch which raps around the house, an improved facet, newly added bushes, printed windows, improved colors, and improved verandah. The easter eggs you'll find here are the pizza box from "Pizza Girls", Greeny the balloon, the kiddy table from "Perfect", and items from "BBQ" such as the yellow flowers (yellow peppers), red flowers (red peppers), green succulents (Green peppers), and the mud puddle also known as salad dressing.

For the interior, let's begin with the entry room. I improved this room by recoloring the floor, making the chair red instead of green as it is actually red in the show, and placing some potted white flowers on the cupboard. Its fun details include the newly added sticky gecko above the doorway, a portrait of Bluey and Bingo's grandad, Bandit's yoga ball, one of Bandit's fossils, grandad's award on the wall, and a hidden long dog.

Bluey and Bingo's room is almost exactly the same, other than the recoloring of the walls and shelf, the cloud pillows, and finally the big, round window! Its details include Bluey and Bingo's beds, the magic xylophone, the feather wand, the cloud pillows, the watermelon rug, the bookshelf holding Lampy and the photo of Bluey and Bingo, and a hidden long dog.

The playroom hasn't changed too much, but still has a few improvements such as the recoloring of Rita's cane from "Grannies", the new designs for the sandwich shop and tent, and finally the addition of the magnifying glass and cape from the episode "Queens". Other easter eggs include the kiwi rug, the chicken rat egg and wand, the green book Bluey used as a computer in "The Doctor", and a hidden longdog.

The kitchen now has more counter space, a green cupboard with that little scratched picture on it, and a better fridge that can open, revealing the tomato sauce and pavlova inside. It's easter eggs include the duck cake, an omelette, The bowl of grapes Bandit used to fend off the tickle crabs with, the "keepy uppy" balloon, Chattermax and of course, a hidden long dog.

Why wasn't this idea approved in the last review?

I am very sure it was because of the house's instability. I'm telling you; it was seriously unrealistic how I built it. The left roof panel was literally balancing on one stud... One stud!! The roof was obviously the main problem, but as I was creating the new one, I began to notice small errors in the old one's design. There were some clipping issues on the railing of the porch, and you know that unfolding mechanism I made? Well, that was a complete flop as well. Just imagine trying to pick the house up and it falling to the floor because both sections are only attached by a few plates. That's why the new one is attached by technic pins instead.

Other details:

This build was created using 2952 LEGO elements. Less than the original.

(Press the Support Button) to make this a LEGO set, for real life! Creating an IDEAS set is something you need to fight for! If you want this set really badly, do (share) this on every (social media) account you have to spread the word to all the other Bluey fans out there! Seriously, this is no joke! It would be beyond helpful and I would be so grateful if you did.
Don't have a social media account? That's fine! Just drop a comment down in the comment section. Believe it or not, that actually helps put this project on the top of the leaderboard. So please do that.

Thanks for reading! Phew... that was trificult...

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