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Deep Sea Robot

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)

Exploring the deepest reaches of our oceans is a hard and demanding task, and only the toughest vehicles can take the crushing conditions that lie beneath the sea.

The very best engineers and scientists collaborate closely to design, develop and maintain these amazing machines in order to reveal wonders yet unknown in the least understood environment on planet Earth. A dedicated and highly skilled team operates the ROV from specialised research vessels that can maintain their position with pin-point accuracy to allow the vehicle to do its vital work.

This set is based on the real-life UK National Oceanography Centre, ROV, which takes cutting-edge oceanographic research to some of the deepest places on Earth. It gathers vital images, samples and data to help us make important decisions about the oceans on which all our lives depend.

The ROV is a multi-functional research tool, and the set aims to recreate as many of the features of the real vehicle as possible.

It contains:
  • Two 5-function manipulators
  • Sliding front sampling tray
  • Two additional swinging side trays
  • 6 reversible thrusters (not powered), 2 fore and aft, 2 vertical and 2 lateral
  • 4 adjustable lamps 
  • 3 adjustable cameras
  • 6 Push-corers in storage box
  • 'Slurp Gun' sampler with rear collection chamber
  • Authentic material finishes

LEGO set dimensions:
Length: 24.8 cm | Width: 15.4 cm | Height: 19.9 cm
Weight: 1.563 Kg
Number of bricks: 1100 + 7 creatures @ 13 parts

The set also comes complete with seven real-life deep sea animals for you to discover:
  • Dumbo squid
  • Piglet squid (my favourite!)
  • Hagfish
  • Sea cucumber
  • Deep sea jelly
  • Deep sea lobster
  • Deep sea crab

I hope you enjoy this ROV, and please do support it yourself and tell your friends to make sure it can become a real life set!

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