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Mountain Cabin

Recently, I took a trip to Colorado and I was stunned by the beauty of the Rocky Mountains surrounding me. Suddenly I pictured how nice it would be to have a small cabin in the Rockies with some pine trees and a small pond and a yellow 4x4 in the driveway. I decided to transfer these mental pictures to Legos.
This small cabin includes a tiny kitchen (composed of a sink and stove), a fireplace and a bed. The outside of the house has a traditional corrugated copper roof (green due to hydroxycarbonate) and a little pond with some frogs. I used tree cookie stepping stones and created a gravel driveway for the 1980s off-roader. I wanted a little bit of wildlife, so I added a rabbit, which dwells among the pine trees out back. There is also a small area behind the trees where the owner cuts wood to fuel the fireplace.
Thanks for viewing this build. I would appreciate you support as well!

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