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Sea Turtle

A LEGO Sea turtle for marine lovers
Do you love the ocean? Or marine life? Then this project is for you~!

This set features a beautiful sea turtle built with 1218 LEGO bricks.

I think sea turtles are amazing creatures and wish to have a Lego model of the animal :) If you want the same, please vote for the project (hit the yellow support button)

Model Features
·      The model is designed to capture the realistic look of the animal.
·      The number of scutes on the turtle shell, their shapes and color patterns all follow the real creature (shades of brown and orange)
·      The model also has moveable head and flippers for different swimming poses
·      Scale patterns on the head and flippers are also recreated, with accurate brown and tan colors instead of green.

Size: 42 x 37.5 x 14.2 cm / 16.5” x 14.8” x 5.6” (W x L x H)
Weight: 1.1 kg

If you want to bring this LEGO Sea turtle home, then hit the “Support” button to vote for the project! Cheers~

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