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Ball Game


The Lego Ball game is a functioning replica of a game that many of you may be familiar with from playing in arcades. I don't know the international name for it so I just called it a ball game. Since the object of the game is to land the ball in a certain square to get a certain number of points in the arcade, I decided that it would be hard to build and label individual slots. So, I just made a primary course that is difficult to navigate creating a different object of the game. So, the goal is to make the ball touch and land on as many panels as possible. Of course once you've landed on all the panels you win. Then you  can disassemble your old course and create a new one. The design of the game is so simple that you would not need instructions to remove and replace the game board. How this works is that there are fixed gears on the back that turn when you turn the gear on the front. The board will tilt the opposite direction that you turn the gear making the game harder. Small modifications could be done to correct this. I hope you will support the Lego Ball Game, It was an interesting project. 

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