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Aquatic Seafood Cafe


This is a restaurant with a water theme, which is why it has the name "Ocean Downtown." Inside, you can eat on a wooden dock with water underneath-and fish! The kitchen in the place isn't really big enough to be a kitchen, which is why it's more of a preparation area, with the real kitchen being upstairs in the chef's apartment. This chef doesn't really care, though, so it's not much of a problem. Thus, inside the apartment, the kitchen is much bigger and pretty much loaded with features. The table is small, to maximize the amout of cooking space, but there is a TV on the wall, just in case the residents want to watch TV and relax. Up the set of stairs to the third floor is the bathroom, which has a bathtub, a toilet, and a sink, with a mirror. Outside in the hallway is a chair, although nobody knows why it's actually there. I mostly built it to fill space. But behind the other two doors are the bedrooms for the residents. One has a TV, and the other just has a simple dresser.

The minifigs include a chef, a teenager (albeit a bit of a stereotypical one), and a lady. The last two minifigs don't really have an assigned role. One could be the roommate of the chef, one could be a customer, both could be customers...the choice is yours.

I built this project as something different, but the same. I'm still a modular fanatic, so I wanted to make another modular, and I wanted to make a restaurant, but I wanted to make it different from anything I've ever done before. So I came up with the idea for the water, and the rest is history.

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