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The Royal Flagship


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Ahoy everyone!

I'd like to present to you the Royal Flagship - the governor's latest instrument in a new chapter of pirates vs. soldiers. Will the soldiers now finally be able to strike fear in the brave pirates' hearts? Can the governor even keep them at bay, and restore order in the Brick Seas? Or will the pirates find new creative ways to counter his ambitions? Your imagination decides!

Stats and features:

  • the ship's length is 92cm, and it measures 64cm in height,
  • part count - including minifigures - is 2988,
  • all decks are minifigure accessible, meaning they are high enough for the crew not to bump their heads,
  • the ship is modular – vertically it can be divided into three sections, and horizontally each deck consists of four modules that can be removed individually,
  • all mechanical play features can be controlled from outside the ship:
    • all guns can be fired – two broadsides with 21 stud-shooter based custom cannons each, plus some more on the quarter deck, plus two six-barrel stud-shooter chase guns,
    • the anchors can be hoisted,
    • the ship's wheel controls the rudder.

If you have questions please feel free to ask.


Thank you for watching, C&C are always welcome! :)

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