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Thomas the Tank Engine


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"A very usefull engine".

This is what the people of Sodor say about Thomas. Now you can find out for yourself if this is true.

While there are more renditions of Thomas the Tank Engine in Lego, we think this one captures his lines and form really well.

We, that is me and my fourteen year old son Aidan. He got the idea some five years ago to build Thomas and it is been progressing ever since. Adding new parts an switching old ones. At one time there was even een little motor installed, for wich there is still a provision inside.

Change the face of Thomas to a regular round plate and it can be a great secondary model on your Lego train lay-out.

It runs on regular Lego tracks, so it is not for Duplo. The coupling rods really move when Thomas drives along the tracks, wich makes for a really cool effect. You can even inlude a minifigure of the engineer in the cab.

It is made from regular Lego bricks and pieces and the building is rather easy, no special techniques. The red striping and yellow numbers, on our model, are electrical tape and paper, but can be replaced by stickers.

So, take a trip down memory lane (track?) and add Thomas to your tracks by supporting me and my son and vote for Thomas the Tank Engine!

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