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Olde Familiar House


Well, for this project (my first one) I want you to imagine you live in this wooden,old,complete house with three lateral rooms and a main room with a big table and two arches. It has two old-like furnitures (a tall cupboard and a pendulum clock). The kitchen is at the right part pf the house and it has a cooking place and a place for washing the cooking things. The toilet is at the left part of the house and it has a sink and a WC. It has a door with an out porch with an arch and a lamp hanging on it (there is a one more arch with a hanging lamp at the kitchen side,on the right side). The bedroom has a double bed with an old lamp on the left side and an old,little, wooden table with pink flowers on it. It has a window too (there are windows in the toilet and in the kitchen). The dining room has a big table with red flowers and three wooden chairs (the table is wooden too). I hope you like the project and will support it. Thank you!

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