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Turntable With Two Full-Length Railway Tracks and RC [StudIo]

This is a model of a turntable with two full-length Lego railway tracks with motor and remote control.

A special detail is the use of off module building style. All the plates used in wall round the turntable are turned some degrees to construct a near perfect circle. The circle is fixed in both ends and on the middle. There are also track with variable length so additional tracks can be connected in track-module.

Remarks to the construction
  • The turntable is motorized and can be controlled using Blue-Tooth. A worm drive is used to make the rotation of the bridge particularly slow.
  • A shock absorber has been used as a spring.
  • The motor-house are turned 45 degrees.
  • The signal signs are in two deferent designs for used of the Lego City railway company.

The model consists of 770 pieces.

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