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"Guess what?  I have flaws.  What are they?  Oh, I don't know.  I sing in the shower.  Sometimes I spend too much time volunteering.  Occasionally I'll hit someone with my car.  So sue me.  No, don't sue me.  That's the opposite of the point I'm trying to make." - Micheal Scott

The Office is a brilliant American "mockumentary" about the lives of office workers and their socially awkward (and slightly insane) manager at Dunder Mifflin, a Pennsylvanian paper company.  I recently watched all nine seasons in a few months, and decided that I absolutely had to recreate the iconic work space with LEGO Digital Designer.  Before I knew it, what had originally been a small, forgotten LDD file of Micheal Scott's desk evolved into a 2599 piece scale model The Office.

The model.

In order to be realistic, I tried to copy nearly every detail on every desk.  Out of the month of building I put into this, the majority of the time was devoted to tweaking the details on all the desks.  Every desk has a computer and a phone by default, but each one also has its own unique details (some more than others).

To make the rendering of images easier, I added a few pieces that allow Micheal's office and the conference room to detach from the rest of the model.  Also, although no images of this are included, the wall on the far right is connected to a hinge that allows the other half of the model to be opened up.  These functions make it easier to view and detach different parts of the model and adjust the position of the minifigures.

The minifigures.

A total of 16 minifigures are included along with the model.  They all (for the most part) include accessories that appeared during some point on the show.  Alternate wigs, hats, and bodies are also included to recreate classic moments from the show. 

Larger accessories are included for some of the minifigures such as Kevin's drum set.

A list of minifigures and accessories is as follows:

  • Micheal: "World's best boss" mug, Dundie award, Santa hat.
  • Jim: Dwight's stapler in Jell-O, Dwight costume.
  • Dwight: Bobble head, beet, pumpkin head.
  • Pam: Paint brush, paint palette.
  • Kevin: Chile pot ("The trick is to under cook the onions."), M&Ms jar, drum set, drum sticks.
  • Angela: Assorted stuffed animals, cat ("Save Bandit!").
  • Oscar: Printed computer screen with "Kevin as Cookie Monster" parody.
  • Erin: Candy bowl, purse.
  • Phyllis: Knitting project, knitting needles, assorted stuffed animals, Santa suit with hat.
  • Stanley: Pretzel, crossword puzzle.
  • Andy: Banjo, microphone and stand.
  • Meredith: Wine glass.
  • Creed: Mung beans ("I sprout mung beans on a damp paper towel in my desk.  They're highly nutritious but they smell like death.")
  • Darryl: Keyboard, boxes of Dunder Mifflin paper.
  • Toby: Complaint folder.
  • Kelly: Pink iPhone.
  • Ryan: I couldn't think of any distinct accessories for Ryan, but I'm thinking maybe a t-shirt.  Thoughts?

For one of my pics I also decided to add a template for making Micheal Scott memes.  Feel free to copy and edit to perfection!

If there are any updates or favorite scenes you want to see added to the project, be sure to tell me in the comments!  And be sure to follow the project to keep up on the latest updates!

Spread the word!  Be sure to support and share with your friends and family!  The more we put this out there the better.

Finally, I hope you enjoy this.  The months I spent building, revising, rendering, and Photoshopping were nonstop fun.  I look forward to hearing what everybody thinks, and maybe we'll be successful in reaching our goal of 10,00 supporters!

"Well, I guess this is it.  Hey, will you guys let me know if this ever airs?  Thank you." - Micheal Scott


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