Product Idea

BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) 50th Anniversary Train Set

BOOP BOOP! A BART train is approaching Brickmonton station, and now it can approach a station near you!

What is this?

This is the notorious BART train or Bay Area Rapid Transit. As seen on many special news broadcasts, for good and bad, BART is a well known and reliable public transportation service that gets the job done. I use it, you probably use it, your friend uses it; it's a good way to avoid the terrible commute to the City, amongst other places in the Bay Area in California, USA. 

This model consists of 2,817 pieces; just 183 pieces shy of the 3,000 part limit for LEGO Ideas projects.

This includes two trains: The Legacy Fleet (pic 7) and the Fleet of the Future (pic 5). They are at a reasonable size for your LEGO city and at the same scale as typical LEGO city trains. This also comes with six minifigures: (from left to right in pic 3; 2 Operators, Fare Evader, BART Officer, Mother, Child). In addition, you get 24 pieces of track and a train platform with fare gate for your LEGO city. 

In pictures 9-15, you can see the Legacy Fleet and Fleet of the Future models by themselves. The cabs can be separated and there are spare parts to put on to the passenger units (i.e. lights and couplings) when the cabs are removed so you can add on more passenger units.

Fully functional trains: Opening dual doors, exits to other passenger units, removable roofs for access, comfortably seats 10-12 minifigures in each car.

Although not proposed, these could be easily motorized.

Why did I build it?

I like riding BART and millions of people do each year so I thought why not give a taste of the bustling Bay Area to people who have no idea what brings people from point A to point B around these parts.

Why a good set?

We need more IP (Intellectual Property) train sets from LEGO of course...No, but for real, it's a potential way to spread awareness about using public transportation as opposed to leaving a big carbon footprint. This is also a way to remember the service of the "Legacy" style cars which have served the Bay Area for nearly 50 years since 1972! I put 50th anniversary because if it so happens that this becomes a set within the next couple years, then it will time perfectly with BART's 50th anniversary in 2022.

As seen on NBC Bay Area and SF Gate!