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BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) 50th Anniversary Train Set


Build The C car for Yourself! :)

Click here for step by step guide.

Click here for parts list

Click here for 3D model.



Download this free pdf of steps and parts. In case you get stuck here is a stop motion for the cab. 



3D Reference Model



The inside look

C car

A/B car


Real Life Version

Not mine, however someone took the time to order the parts and try my LDD generated instructions to make the BART model a reality!


Better decals, stripes, and light details

This update includes: handles to open the dual doors easier, dual tail lights like the real thing, triple pin stripe for Legacy Fleet like real thing, number board on Legacy Fleet, and updated Fleet of the Future D car cab details.


Why I built this proposal...


Disclaimer to those saying I made up my own stats about saying "too many people are afraid of riding BART": Yes, that wasn't a proven fact, but I was basing that off of people in my demographic (around late teens to early adulthood) who have told me they would rather take a more expensive Uber or drive and spend time in traffic than take public transportation, whether that's BART or even a bus. Of course I understand the things you have to come across when taking public transportation which isn't all that pleasant. However, I have found it very useful to use public transportation for my advantage, whether it's getting to school, work, home, etc. It saves on having to pay for an Uber or the stress of not owning a car. On the flip side, you reduce carbon emmissions by taking public transport.


Final Update (Maybe): Minor detail Change

Made the front end cab to appear shorter when in reality I changed some white pieces to gray which blends in with the passenger coach. Also, the windows on the ends have been shortened, giving more proportionate details. Unfortunately, I still haven't found a piece that slants at a 45* angle that can cover the window gaps. Current piece count is 940 (front end) + 786 (rear end) = 1,726 pcs. Follow @legobarttrain to see the LEGO BART Fleet of the Future Cars progress.


Project has been officially Edited as of Dec. 11

Thankfully, the edition to this project has been approved, so now what you see on the main page is what the final version or latest version of the project looks like! Thanks for reading and as a token of my appreciation I'm gonna tell you a secret:



This is on if you can't wait for it to hit 10k of course...


Updates will be on


Front-End Cab Functions

Not much done to the front end BART Train cab except for a smooth 1x4x3 inserted under the front red lights to create a smooth upside down slope. Like the previous model, this too can have a removable cab to insert your conductor/engineer! Also, if you want to see the passenger and rear end cars' updates, refer to the previous update. Thanks!!! 


A building animation of the model will be on the LEGO BART Train Instagram




More Playable! / Minor Front Cab change

I made the side panels one stud shorter to give clearance for the trucks (wheels) to turn around the bends. Secondly, I changed the black "cushion" pieces that are on the ends of the coaches as exits to the other coaches. I made those so that they also don't touch around tight curves. 


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