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Pixar's Up House With Balloons


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The Idea 

This is my build based of the movie UP, one of Pixar’s greatest films. Includes 5 characters: Carl Fredricksen, Ellie, Russell, Kevin and Dug. The main build is the house that can be display in two ways, with or without balloons; you can take off the fireplace to decide which way do you prefer. Inside the first floor is all of the interior details like pictures, the sofas, the decoration above the fireplace, etc. You can also choose the color of Carl’s hair: light bluish gray to represent his time with Ellie or white to represent the time with his flying house. The set includes 2,995 pieces and a lot of references to the movie, can you find them all? 

How do the ballons work? 

The balloons and the fireplace are one system that connects to the house. In the second floor there's a 2x2 plate gap for the fireplace to pass it perfectly. At the first floor there's an 1x2 technic brick with a hole in which the bottom of the fireplace connects. With this structures in the house, the balloons/fireplace system can stand straight. 

The fireplace/balloons system is made to be remobable and able to hold round/spheric pieces all around the model. To make shure that the model could be build in real life I created a physical version using the bricks I had. Is not a 1/1 replica of the digital version but it prooves that the system for the balloons works.


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