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Norfolk Southern SD70ACe


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What is it?
Hello! The SD70ACe, aka the ace, is my most favorite diesel locomotive because of its design and how cool it is, here are some facts about.  "The SD70ACe is a type of six-axle, 16-cylinder, 4,300hp AC-traction diesel-electric locomotive which was first introduced in 2004, and has been in production since 2005.  Although the original SD70 Series line; including the subsequent SD70ACe, were initially expected to end domestic production by 2015 as a result of the 710 engine line and subsequent 710 engine model (16-710G3C-T3) having failed to meet Tier 4 emissions regulations, the new EMD 1010J-equipped SD70ACe-T4 prototype was unveiled during the 2015 Railway Interchange rail expo in the twin cities region of Minnesota, and furthermore rebounded the line and subsequent locomotive model. But as of 2015, the Tier 3-compliant model is available for export only, while specialty variants (such as the SD70ACe-BB) are currently in production.

Union Pacific (UP), BNSF, Ferromex (FXE), CSX, KCS (Kansas City Southern), Montana Rail Link (MRL), ALL (América Latina Logística), Quebec North Shore & Labrador (QNS&L), Norfolk Southern (NS), and CN (Canadian National) are among some of the many customers thst have ordered the model.

Union Pacific (UP) and BNSF currently have the largest fleets of the model. Despite having the smallest fleet of every Class 1 owner (besides CN), CSX was actually the first to order the model since the railroad received a supplemental an order for 20 units in March 2004 following completion of 55 SD70MAC (SD70AC) units built months prior.

The EMD SD70ACe (as well as the actual SD70 Series) was also the last completely new diesel locomotive model to be built and assembled in EMD's LaGrange, Illinois plant, the last to be built or manufactured in their London, Ontario shops, the first to be assembled at EMD's San Luis, Potosí facility, and the first to be built or manufactured in their Muncie, Indiana facility (basically, being one of the only domestic models to be built in three main locations since production).

As of 2015, Tier 4 Credit (T4C) locomotives are available for purchase specifically for Class 1 railroads that have earned credits toward purchasing new Tier 4-compliant locomotives. UP have since received numerous batches of Tier 4 Credit SD70ACe units between 2016-2018, and are classed as "SD70AH" by the railroad" (Fandom) <>
Why did I build it? IMPORTANT
Originally I started with an older version of train from the 70's, but then decided to build this as I had always wanted one.  I have been building all my trains straight from pics of the real loco, and nothing was taken from another build.
Why would it make a great set?
This would make a GREAT set because it fits on the LEGO® train tracks.  It has around 1000 pieces, and is somewhat easy to build.  It looks so good everywhere, especially on a library shelf, or just a shelf.  It is able to go on the curved tracks!  I hope you like this!  Make sure to check out out the links below!! 

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