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Train Tunnel Book-Ends


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This project consists of two similar book ends, consisting of a base and an insert which can be removed from each other. Both parts have spots for Technic pins so they can be displayed together without books as well.

The insert has custom train tracks, which run into the tunnel that has black pieces inside to simulate the deep, dark depths inside of them without actually having to build the tunnel itself. around the tracks, there is a variety of different colors, mostly sand green and dark tan, and textures, mostly tiles and plates at various different heights. There are various different types of foliage, which I think really gives it an extra touch of realism.

The tunnel itself has various different textures, including brick, the smooth side of a brick, some cylinders, and some sideways tiles to give it a little more depth. The colors used are mostly dark tan and dark gray, but there is also some tan and gray sprinkled around the build. The top of the tunnel is built using different curved pieces to give it a more accurate shape to some real-world tunnels. There are also some vines on it to show how it has been here for a long time, and to give it a bit more realism.

I built this after seeing some other ideas for Lego book-ends and got inspired to make my own. I think this would be a good set because there has never been a Lego book end before, and because it looks super cool!

Note: the books are not included in the idea. They are only there for show.

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