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KITT Convertible

Knight Rider is a well-known show from the 80s and KITT is one of the most easily recognized cars in the world. If you're a car lover, you know KITT. Knight Rider came along when I was a teenager and combined the hero action of Michael Knight with the coolness of a talking car that could drive itself. They were the perfect team!

By the time Knight Rider came along, I had already been building with LEGO for several years. But the possibility of building KITT from the existing bricks of the time just didn't work for me. Fast-forward 30 years and now it's possible to build almost anything from LEGO, including this model of the KITT Convertible from season 4 of Knight Rider.

Of course, the nose of the car was the most difficult to try and reproduce, but that driver-side hood bulge gave me fits too. The tan pieces weren't so easy to find either and I actually ended up buying several new sets in order to find all the pieces I needed in order to complete this model.

Please support this project and help to make the KITT Convertible available to all the Knight Rider lovers out there!!

Thanks for looking. And remember, one man (or one builder) can make a difference!

Red scanner and fog lights.

Tan interior with computerized dash, bar-style steering wheel, armrests, and reclining seat.

The KITT Convertible side profile.

KITT Convertible to the rescue!

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