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The Wharf Docks


The project is an inspiration scene, in a mysterious place, that passed in a strange space and time. There is an underground swamp somewhere between the water and the leaves, and the only ground signal about it is a strange entrance: underground swamp's entrance.

Until that past some day, someone who traveling across the waters and see the entrance, in those time that their watercraft stayed broken in that place.

What is happening with the tribulations? Nobody knows, and the only thing we know is, they constructed a port in those lands, and this place is now known as “the wharf dock around the underground swamp entrance”.

    This is two 32 x 32 plate (green and blue) scenario, with three great constructions: the wharf docks, the underground swamp entrance and the hut.
    Moreover, there other elements in this green and blue construction: the forest, the floras, the stairs and more.

    It is a great and massive construction that reminds the sea, the lakes, the fields and the other world wild areas.

Finally, the wharf docks around the underground swamp's entrance is a construction about the depths, the lagoons (the blue aspect), the grazing land, the plants and the ground (the green aspect).

This LEGO set project contain 847+ pieces. Non mini-figures. Two plates 32 x 32 studs. About: 8+ hours of play. Age: 14+ years old.

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