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361 views, but only 21 supporters? LETS BRING THAT NUMBER UP!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys!!! If you are a common visitor of my "makeshift MOCs" you may know the golden rule already: Helpful, not Hurtful comments. I see a lot of users showing hate towards beginner's projects'. Just saying. EVERYONE was a beginner at one point.

So let's get on with the show.

Do you guys remember that weird thing that a made a few days back, my 1st AT-RT? I modified it. I made the seat higher, made the legs more poseable with a secret method of mine (my method works with droid arms and other "clip" pieces). I pretty much said all I need to to say for now. lets get onto the pics!!!


Back view STILL LOOKS PURTY COOL HUH? (what? It's just me?) Guys, I dont need to show the minifig scale this time. If you STILL want to see the compairison, Check out the older version:

BELOW is a list of projects made by "friends" of mine that are worth a look:

NanaBrown's project:

dimitriniko: be sure to check this and several other projects of his

Thanks guys for supporting my projects. When you do that it means a lot to me. It shows that my work can make different lego fans ('m one) happy.

Guys remember to: COMMENT, BM AND SUPPORT!!!!

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