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Succulent Garden



The page recently hit 7000 supporters! Amazing – another big thanks to every one of you who has supported me so far!

I thought I would share a few alternative pot colour schemes. I tried a few out, before eventually settling on the all-black design:

Do you think I should have used one of the terracotta-style pots, or a flashier gold-trimmed style, rather than the all-black? Let me know!


10 Days in!

This idea is still only 10 days in and already it has over 3,200 supporters - almost a third of the way there! Wow!

Another big thank you to everyone who has supported me so far! I wanted to share a picture showing some alternative designs for one of the plants - I played around with this one the most, but in the end I decided I liked the original 'macaroni' design the best (although it ended up being a little shorter than originally planned!)

Thanks for all the really lovely comments and for sharing my idea - here's to 5,000!


800 Supporters in 24 Hours!

After just 24 hours (and over 30,000 reddit upvotes!) this little Succulent Garden is already well past 800 supporters! Thank you everyone who has supported me so far for giving me such a warm welcome - and lots of lovely comments. As a bit of a bonus, here are a few pictures from me trying out various colour combinations for some of the succulents. Thank you all for your continued support!


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