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Old Passenger Car


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Tonight, I built this Old LEGO Passenger Car that was inspired by the Bangor & Aroostrook Railroad train car that now rests at the Henry Ford Museum. However, there were many more inspirations to this project, such as Baby Madison style train cars, and LEGO passenger cars built by talented people as well. This is my result!

The Old LEGO Passenger Car project is 512 pieces. Inside of this coach are three pairs of seats, one table for each pair, and a small fire-place to keep warm. On top of the roof is the end of the stack for the small fire-place.

Happy New Year! I hope you like this project! If you do, leave a comment and tell me what you think about this model. You can also give me suggestions of what else can be done or added to this coach. Good day! By cheesy. 1/2/2017

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