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Old Passenger Car


My first YouTube video has arrived!

I recently received a haul of LEGO sets yesterday after purchasing them nearly a week ago. This is the oportunity I took to record my first YouTube video. It's now on my channel, Joseph cheeseinthepie, on YouTube. Have a great day, everyone, and take care! Update by Joseph cheeseinthepie. 1/10/2019


Wait...I got 201 supporters now??

Thank you all so much for supporting this project! I'm not sure if it's going to make it to its next milestone, but nevertheless I do think that this is one of my most successful projects. Not only do I thank you supporters, but I also thank Mr. Pretzel for rendering an image of this project shortly after the LDD Gallery passed away. Thank you, and have a great day! Regards, Joseph cheeseinthepie. 1/8/2019


Support Pretzel829's Gettysburg Lincoln Railroad Station!

Trust me, you will not regret seeing Pretzel829's rendition of the Gettysburg Lincoln Railroad Station. It's quite a beautiful building. If you look at the updates, you will see my Old Passenger Car project in one of the images he rendered. You should really appreciate not only the historical significance and beauty of his project, but also the renderings. It takes a long time to render things like this, escpecially when there's a LOT of translucent LEGO Bricks! Good day, everyone! ~cheesy 5/29/2018


Ideas every Sunday for a limited time

To prepare for the Easter season, or Lent for short, I will not be posting my regular stuff on here. As the update title suggests, I'll only be doing LEGO Ideas stuff every Sunday. I will talk to you all again soon on Sunday! By cheesy. 2/13/2018


100 Supporters!! (Third time's a charm)

Thank you all so much for making 100 supporters on this project possible! By cheeseinthepie. 2/13/2018


Rendered image from Pretzel829

This update is in honor of Pretzel829.

Before the death of the LDD Gallery, Pretzel829 told me that he downloaded the Old Passenger Car LEGO model that I posted there not too long ago. He wanted to experiment with it and see how it would look with rendering. Here is the original image of the passenger car:

This image is not as grand as this one:

HUGE shout-out to Pretzel829, how rendered this model to begin with. Thank you so much! Update by cheesy. Rendered image by Pretzel829. 2/10/2018


Just eight more!

Pretzel just supported this project. I have 92 supporters on it. Please support this project so it can get up to 100 votes! ~cheesy 2/9/2018