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Gold Mining Camp

Hey, LEGO fans!

This is my build of a gold mining camp. I wanted to create a small diorama of two miners, from the time of the gold rush, but I didn’t only want to build a simple mine. I wanted to build their complete camp, where they can rest, mine, and wash gold.

The two miners are Thomas and William. The set also comes with their trusty horse Lucky, and their dog Alex.

The build is composed of three main parts, on the left, there’s the camp, on the right there’s a storage and work area and in the back, there’s a mountain, with a cave filled with gold, and gems.
On the left side, there’s a stair, which enables you to get to the camp area, where you will find a tent, a campfire, and a small pile of gold coins on top of the barrel. From there you can go in two directions, either you climb up the hill, to explore the source of the waterfall. Or you head down to the river and wash some gold, when you’re ready cross the river to get the supplies. Here you can find everything you possibly need, explosives, mining tools, lanterns, a wash plant, firewood, and a tree stump to chop wood on. If you follow the path, you will find another staircase leading down. Besides the staircase is the storage for gold and gems. Moving past the staircase you will see the entrance to the mine, so grab your helmet off the wall, head inside the cave, take your pickaxe and start swinging for gold. So, what are you waiting for, load up that wheel barrel and get that gold!

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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