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The Archer Outpost

This is my newest project, containing about 2000 pieces. Two brothers are living in a secluded outpost in the forest, waiting either to attack an enemy or welcome a friend. This is a classic castle style build, taking about five days to build. I attacked a new building technique, using a larger variety of SNOT (Studs Not On Top) on the walls, considerably more of this than I’ve ever used. I found a mixture between light grey tiles and brick yellow tiles (especially 1x2s) added to the texture without making it appear too wild.

Medieval is one of the most classic LEGO themes, and with updated techniques would make great new additions to the LEGO Ideas line. They are very fun to build, either with an instruction manual or without one, and are always amazing to see built properly in set form.

I hope you like my newest project idea. Please support!

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