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Bike Sharing


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The future is now!
Bike is the speedest way to move in high traffic cities: it is a small, clean and funny mean of transportation, by which you can stop anyway, park everywhere, meet people where and when you want. This is my creation for a future oriented bike service. Electric bikes to move faster and in a cleaner way through our Lego city and a confortable service for all Lego citizen: Bike Sharing.
Electric bike sharing
The station is composed by various docks where Lego citizens can pick up or park the electric bikes. White docks are the point where you can pick up the bike. Bikes can be perfectly inserted inside docks. If you have a green light the bike battery charging is complete, so you have a full electric autonomy (30 kilometers more or less). If the light is red the dock is empty (no bike) or charging is not complete. It'll be a funny game to substitute green or red lights when a new bike is fully charged or simply attached to the dock. In any case electric bikes are easy to boost by your legs, like any other bike. But in this way electric power will help you, you'll move faster and you'll save part of your energy.  How to use it? Bike sharing always move from one point to another (from A to B): imagine you have a big Lego city, you can buy one or more Bike sharing sets, mount the docks in any part of the city you prefer (the docks are modular) and so the user will pick up the electric bike in point A of the city and will park it in point B. 
A nice place
In our cities bike sharing docks are often along roads or in similar places. In this case I created a garden around the station, some LED street lamps to light the station during the night, and a fountain to recover fresh water during the hot season. Usually bike sharing provide all white, or all blue, or all red bikes: in my case all bikes are differently coloured.  A nice place to stop, a nice place to start from!
The cycling road
The entire station has a cycling road inside, red coloured, that will reconnect to cycling lanes in our Lego city. 
There are many things inside this creation, I'll surely update this idea during next week focusing on some particulars. So, if you enjoy, stay tuned!

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