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Puente Nuevo - Spain's "New Bridge"


Puente Nuevo (the "New Bridge") is a 225-year old bridge located in the city of Ronda, Spain. Completed in 1793, the bridge spans the 120-meter (390-foot) deep gorge known as "El Tajo", carved by the waters of the rio Guadalevin. Today, Puente Nuevo is a famous tourist attraction and one of the most photographed landmarks in Spain. Click here for more information on this amazing structure.

With 773 bricks, Puente Nuevo is the latest in my series of Lego Waterfalls projects. Although I am working on other "non-waterfalls" ideas, I continued to find myself drawn back to Puente Nuevo and the beautiful Spanish landscape and architecture. I hope you like the result and will support this project by clicking on the blue Support button.

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