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Old Town Belfry


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Take a leisurely stroll back in time with the Old Town Belfry!  This one-of-a-kind modular style building is inspired by the many (and not one specifically) medieval buildings and historic districts of the small and aged European towns of Central Europe.   While this towering landmark will no doubt grab the spotlight in any modular lineup, this impressive build isn’t just a showpiece – lift up and swing open to reveal a trove of interior details.  Under the roofs you'll find a violin shop and luthier (violin maker) studio, an art gallery and art studio, a storage attic, several tower floors, a clock room, and of course, the bell tower / belfry at the top. 

Create your own stories or follow the designed narrative, and populate the shops with an array of charismatic characters, including:

-street violinist / shop customer,
-luthier (named Emile),
-freewheeling artist,
-opportunistic sales clerk, 
-young adventurer / soccer enthusiast. 

What secrets could be hiding within?  Scattered throughout you’ll discover hidden stashes of high-ticket antiques, secret entrances and connected pathways, folding doors and ladders, …perhaps something suspicious about the art gallery, and plenty of details to enhance an endless possibility of story-lines. 

Features include a dish with an astronomical clock pattern, an old well, brick-built violins, modern art paintings, hanging “flags of Europe”, street lamps, well-stocked workshops, and most visibly, structures emulating the finest half-timber framing, plasterwork, and stonework of ages past.
Eight distinct sections can be easily removed from the main build to allow access into every nook and cranny of the interior. 

Set has been painstakingly whittled down to 2,987 pieces total (parts + minifigures)

Now let's extend that historical timeline of your modular building collection!


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