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Circus Train

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This project is for lovers of circuses, trains and especially LEGO.๐Ÿ˜‰

This model contains:
  • Locomotive
  • A wagon with two cages (one with penguins, the other with monkeys).
  • *The wagon with the tools that the clown and the magician need for their performance: the green juggling ball, the red juggling ball and the blue juggling ball are the tools of the clown and the white rabbit and the black magic wand are the tools of the magician.
  • The wagon in which the prizes are stored in boxes: teddy bears, ducks, boomerang, juggling balls and volleyball.
  • 4 Minifigures: clown, magician, train driver and tamer.
  • 1031 LEGO pieces.

*The tamer's whip is not in the second wagon because the tamer has to hold it the whole ride in case some penguin or monkey escapes.๐Ÿ™ƒ

Why did I build it?

I wanted to build a train, but I didn't want a personal because it appears a lot on LEGO ideas. In the end, I decided to build a circus train because that doesn't show up very often in LEGO ideas.

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