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Tom & Jerry: The Golden Era


300 Supporters!

I honestly didn't think this project would make it this far. Supporters have been stagnant and I have moved on with other projects. I would like to say thank you for making my first project go this far. Although it is impossible now for it to reach 10k supporters, I am glad this idea is still getting supporters.

Thanks for 300 supporters!


Updated Thumbnail Fail

The updated thumbnail has been put in, only one problem... it got worse! I don't know if it's just me, but whenever a 1280x720 photo is submitted to Ideas (the requirement), the photo gets badly cut. This resulted in Tom getting horribly cropped and the thumbnail not looking good (despite the fact the actual photo is fine). If anyone knows the proper photo size for a thumbnail, please let me know.


Updated Thumbnail

Hello! I decided to update the thumbnail for this idea once again. This is due to the current thumbnail not coming out right, and will be properly updated. This thumbnail is reminiscent of the one before the big update, which still holds up well in my opinion. Unfortunately, supporter stagnation has hit this idea, having no supporters for days. That doesn't mean that this idea can't hit 10k supporters. If somehow this idea gets on social media, I guarantee that it reach 10k supporters. And with LEGO already being in partnership with Warner Bros., this idea would easily get selected. Thanks for the support so far, and don't forget to tell everyone to support this idea!


200 Supporters!

I would like to thank all my supporters for getting this project this far! This is now my second project to make it towards 200 supporters! (The first being Who Framed Roger Rabbit: ACME Factory) I am happy that my project made it this far, and look forward to getting farther. Although I may not understand how some ideas get thousands in a week, this idea has real potential of getting selected if it ever reaches 10k supporters. Please don't forget to tell everyone to support this idea, not only do us creators really mean saying that, but that's how projects like this reach that goal. Once again, thank you!


The Next Big Update!

The next big update to "Tom & Jerry: The Golden Era" has been made! There are some notable changes that have been made to this idea. This includes:
  • Back section has been reduced dramatically, now far smaller.
  • The window in the kitchen has returned, replacing the window in the back section.
  • The walls have been rebuilt and are now smaller.
  • The white rim are now tiles connected to the wall.
  • A new counter area has been added to separate the two rooms.
  • The falling shelf has been moved to the right wall.
  • The piano is no longer in the main build, but is an accessory.
  • The safe has been rebuilt with a new flat Tom piece.
  • A new mouse trap build had been added
  • The falling bookshelf has been reduced in size to fit the new wall.
  • Spike has been removed (This was due to me not feeling like they belonged in this idea)
  • A new plant build has been added to replace the lamp table (which has been removed)
  • The lifting mechanism now has a proper lock (not shown in photos)
  • New photos and updated description (Soon)

With these changes, the idea now has 454 pieces. This helps make the idea more affordable and simple if it were to ever get selected. This idea is almost at 200 supporters, and I know it can be done. Don't forget to tell everyone to support this idea, because LEGO already has the rights and we need to show the demand. We just need this idea to reach 10k and it will become a reality. Thanks for the support on my first ever idea! I am happy that the idea has made it this far.


Update: Jerry finally has printing!!!

It is true, I finally managed to put printing on Jerry! This has been something I wanted to do for a LONG time and finally figured it out. I must give a shout out to @Swamp Leaper for telling me how:

So it turns out I was pressing the wrong button on Part Designer, and that decals can be placed on any piece! With that information, I plan on making more changes on the idea. Nothing too major, rather some minor rebuilds and new prints. I also reverted Tom back to having normal minifigure legs. This is due to the Looney Tunes Minifigure Series as well as the mid legs not looking right for me.

Either way, expect some changes to be made with this idea. And don't forget to tell everyone to support this idea! This is our best shot of getting LEGO Tom & Jerry, and LEGO already has the ability to do it with Warner Bros., so let's make this idea count!



I am proud to announce that the first major update to my "Tom & Jerry: The Golden Era" has arrived. I have wanted to do this for a while, primarily due to my building skills improving through my other projects, such as "Who Framed Roger Rabbit: ACME Factory", and "A Great Day For Crabbing". This is my first ever ideas project, so it really means a lot to me to get this idea look perfect. There are a lot of changes made in this model, including:

  • Updated Thumbnail and Description
  • The kitchen section has been completely rebuilt, now has more room
  • The bookshelf build has been rebuilt
  • The ironing board build has been updated
  • The safe lifting mechanism has been updated, now a lot higher in the build
  • The piano area has been lifted up by one stud
  • Tom's bed is now part of the build, no longer an accessory
  • The outdoor area has been removed
  • Jerry's mouse hole has been moved slightly to the right
  • The minifigures have been updated, Tom now has mid-legs and Spike is now light-gray

With all of these changes, I am very content with this build... for the most part. If I could find a way to give both Tom and Spike better heads, along with giving Jerry printing and giving Tom his tail, then I would say this idea is near complete. But for now, this is a needed update for this idea, and I couldn't be happier. Also, LEGO already has the rights to Tom & Jerry due to producing multiple sets using the Warner Bros. IP! Together, we can make LEGO Tom & Jerry a reality, all we need is a voice to tell everyone. Thanks for supporting, and don't forget to tell everyone!


First Build Modification!

The first update to the build has been made!

After getting 100 supporters, I knew that meant I had enough time to make any modifications to this set.
For this first update:
  • I added the back patio onto the build. This not only provides more room for the minifigures, but more scenes to recreate! 
  • A bush has been added to make the refrigerator launching mechanism blend in more.
  • Due to the back yard patio being added, I had to remove the kitchen window for consistency. This actually helped me lower the interactive shelf, now fitting perfectly on the walls and not over it.
  • Now plates are the foundation of the set instead of baseplates, this was due to clutch power issues. 
  • The proper cartoon axe has been placed in this set instead of the generic black axe.
  • The pan changed color from silver to black.
  • With these changes, there are now 700 pieces in this set
I want to thank my supporters again for getting my first ever MOC this far, now giving me more time for modifications. I plan to make more changes over time and submit more ideas, with my Power Miners HQ being my second ever idea submitted. Don't forget to spread word of these ideas, because that helps these ideas make it to 10K supporters! I look forward to your support!

- TheEpicLuke


100 Supporters and More Info

Hello, I would like to thank all my current supporters to getting this project's deadline getting extended for a year. For my first ever MOC, it is impressive that it got this far. I also wanted to put in more info about the set that I feel like should be said.

  • I forgot to mention a slapstick feature in the original description, but is featured in a photo. There is a giant club behind the entryway that can be slammed down. This is a classic gag in multiple golden age cartoons, so I thought I would include it.
  • Although the printing isn't the best on the figures, I'm fine with both Tom and Spike due to this being an idea and not a final product. Jerry still personally bothers me that there is no printing on him, but that's because, the app I use, won't allow custom prints on the piece I used for Jerry.
  • I should elaborate more on the safe dropping mechanism. The safe build is hollow inside and fits the Tom minifigure. Opening the safe shows the flattened Tom, exactly like how it is played in the original short. The safe drop feature works like most Castle sets with the opening and closing entry gate; where there is a crank and a lever to elevate and drop the safe, it is in the photos but not easy to see.
I also would like to mention the new Tom and Jerry Movie coming out this week. Although my personal thoughts on the trailers are very mixed, I feel like it can help this idea get more supporters. Due to Tom and Jerry being relevant again in cinema, more people might look up this set if they are into Lego. If this idea is shared across the internet during the movie's release, Lego Tom and Jerry might become a reality due to Lego and Warner Bros. already being in good terms. And with the Lego Looney Tunes minifigure series coming soon (I actually screamed when the news came out), what better time to make the iconic cartoon duo Lego

Thanks for the support!


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