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Who Are the Power Miners?

The Power Miners was an iconic Lego theme in the late 2000's. Released in 2009, Power Miners debuted to the public with seven sets and two polybags. Unlike most Lego themes, Power Miners had the ability to combine multiple sets to make new sets with online instructions. Because of the low price of the sets, many people did so and shared their creations on the internet.

Power Miners was a huge success and was praised by Lego fans for it's style, affordability, and action. Unsurprisingly, Lego quickly released a second Power Miners wave with five sets, three of which were the biggest sets released in the theme. Although two of the sets, Cave Crusher and Underground Mining Station, were fairly obscure, the second wave was another success and received more praise from fans.

In 2010, Lego released a third wave of Power Miners sets, this time with a new theme, Lava. Shockingly, this third wave didn't sell well, especially compared to the previous two waves, and did not meet Lego's standards. As a result, the Power Miners theme was cancelled due to Lego's three-wave strategy. Although there was a cancelled Power Miners set that wave, vehicle thirteen, what is  worse was supposedly a fourth wave was planned due to the success of the first two waves, but due to the results of the third wave, was ultimately cancelled. 

Power Miners to this day remains to be an iconic Lego theme from the late 2000's and has a place in many 2000's kids hearts, some of which still have some of the original sets. To conclude this summarization, I have included a video many people my age remember watching about the Power Miners.

The Idea

The reason I created this set was due to the 90th anniversary set vote believe it or not. I was devastated to not find Power Miners anywhere on the list, which just made me think about the theme. But then it occurred to me, The Power Miners never had a proper HQ set. There was the Underground Mining Station and Lavatraz sets, but those sets were not a proper main base where the Power Miners would do their business. Not to mention that Power Miners was also cancelled due to the poor sales of the last wave. Now that I had and knowing I can post set ideas, with "Tom and Jerry: The Golden Era" being my first idea submission, I wanted to give Power Miners both a proper HQ and a proper ending for the theme. And with the people who grew up with Power Miners being older, I decided to make it the HQ on a much grander scale.

Meet the Power Miners

The four original named Power Miners return in this set!

DocDoc is the Leader of the Power Miners and knows what to do in most situations. He is the one that communicates with the people on the surface on updates about the caves, power crystals and rock monsters. He is defined as the leader by the star symbol on his outfit and his courage.

BrainsBrains is the scientist in the group and is the one most intrigued by the power crystals and the rock monsters. He is defined by his white lab coat and his glasses, although it looks like he lost his iconic monocle somewhere in the lab. 

DukeDuke is the veteran of the team and has the most experience mining in the group. Although he has never dealt with Rock Monsters before, that just adds to the thrill of finding power crystals for him. Duke is defined by his dark gray beard and his obsession with drills.

RexRex is the engineer of the team and is the one responsible for creating many of the iconic Power Miners vehicles people know today. He claims that he can do things "on his own", but occasionally needs help. He also loves to blow things up, so of course he would have the bomb symbol on his chest. 

Outside of the original four, there are two additional Power Miners I have added with their own names and stories

ChiefChief got bored quickly after returning to Earth from Planet U along with his fellow Rock Raiders. There was just a certain charm to teaching big rock monsters what is right to him. But when he heard of unnormal seismic activity and power crystals nearby, Chief knew it can only mean one thing. Rock Monsters. Chief joined the Power Miners in a hurry and has fit right into his new job. Chief has a star on his chest due to his experience with the Rock Raiders.

GeoGeo is the one who measures the seismic activity in the area and has a masters in geology. He just loves rocks, but he takes his job too seriously. His fellow Power Miners gave him the nickname Geo and it just stuck with him. Brains gave him a spare white lab coat due to him being a fellow scientist.

From Left to Right in the Photo: Brains, Geo, Doc, Rex, Chief, Duke

The HQ

The Power Miners HQ contains three buildings, the lab, breakroom, and watch tower. There is also an entrance to the cave where all the missions take place. The entryway is made to fit nearly all existing Power Miners vehicles previously released. Also included is the iconic Power Miners' Stone Chopper, their trustworthy vehicle known for getting to places in a flash!

The Lab- The lab contains Brains' experiment table to test on power crystals, as well as a cooling chamber for a magma suit. The lab also contains a big window to put in bins of power crystals to study. There is also enough room to store the Stone Chopper inside. Once the big door is opened, the Stone Chopper can to fly into action!

The Breakroom- Inside the breakroom contains a small kitchen area as well as seats for the Power Miners to relax on. There is also a helmet stand outside so they can breathe inside. Fighting Rock Monsters and mining 24/7 can be tiring.

The Watch Tower- The watch tower consists of two floors and a spot light on the roof. The bottom floor is the meeting room, where the Power Miners meet to discuss plans and talk to the people on the surface. The second floor is the communications room, where a seismograph is as well as data is kept. There is also a computer to send information to the people on the surface about recent activity, and a clock to keep track of when things happen. On the roof is the spotlight, it is dark to see deep in a cave, so it's always convenient to have one. The spotlight is also vital finding Rock Monsters infiltrating the HQ.

The Rock Monsters

More iconic then the Power Miners are the Rock Monsters that are dealt with in their missions. Unfortunately for me, the digital application I use,, does not contain any Rock Monsters. However, I am announcing all of the original five Rock Monsters, (Meltrox, Boulderax, Glaciator, Sulfurix and Fireox) will all be in this set. I also plan on including Geolix, since I feel like there should be at least one big rock monster in this set.

More in the Future!

I'm happy with what the idea currently is now, but that doesn't mean I'm finished. I do have a plan to add in one more vehicle noticeably missing from a Power Miners set, and will post it whenever a certain milestone is reached. This idea's purpose is to give a grand finale to the Power Miners theme as well as making more people aware of it. Together, we can make Power Miners return, just remember to spread the word to everyone.


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