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19th-Century Fish Auction

Step back in time to the bustling world of 19th-century fish auctions, inspired by the iconic "Visbank" building in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands. 

This historic set transports you to the seaside, where rugged fishing boats enter the harbor and fishermen bring their catch to the lively auction hall, reminiscent of the architectural marvel that is the Visbank in Vlaardingen. The design includes fisherman working their catch, auctioneers and even curious seagulls hovering above the action. Keep an eye out for the mischievous seagull attempting to snatch a herring!

Relive the excitement of bids and trade as minifigures seize the opportunity to acquire the rarest and most coveted fish species. The set earnestly pays tribute to maritime history, offering a nostalgic journey into the past.

The set consists of 2338 pieces and fits within the Modular Building range. It has 6 mini figures and 4 seagulls :)

I hope you enjoy this set and kindly ask for your support in making it a reality!

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