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The Taco-mobile


This is the Taco-mobile, it is quite simply a three wheeled motor vehicle in the shape of a taco. With all the Lego sets from The Lego Movie I thought it would be awesome if some of the more understated, but still hilarious, characters were brought into the light. And that is what I did, this model goes perfectly with the 'Taco-Tuesday' guy from The Lego Movie minifigure series as well as the events that happened at the end of the film. This master-build is funny, quirky and unique, everything about this model is awesome.

It would be a great model to have as the appearance is great, awesome even, and as long as people love The Lego Movie it would be great for everyone. As long as the main body of the vehicle clearly looks like a taco, and it has three wheels, the design has the room for alteration along with the minifigure as I see the point in maitaining exclusivity.

The set would include:

1) The Taco-mobile.

2) Either the Taco-Tuesday guy from the minifigure series or a variant of him.


1) The design of the taco shell extior is symmetrical.

2) There is a space to put the bowl of tacos.

3) There is a strip of idling going down the middle of the vehicle.

4) There are controls and a place for the Taco-Tuesday guy to stand.

5) Last but not least a third enclosed wheel below where he would stand.

I love The Lego Movie and hopefully you do too. If so please support this creation as I think it would be great for kids and possibly adults too if they love The Lego Movie.

Thank you for viewing my creation and hopefully for supporting it as well.

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