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Gas Worlds

The inspiration for this model came from the recent series of British Gas advertisements depicting homes as personal worlds. The prototype “Gas World” consists of over 1,500 pieces. and is approximately 57cm tall. The world itself is constructed from 6 sections, with the top section flattened to ease the construction of the building above. The aim of this project is to construct a series of houses situated on inter-changeable world segments, with both the houses and world segments being marketed individually. The house used in the Gas Worlds prototype is loosely based on the current Pet Shop modular building.

The skeleton world consists of over 490 pieces, and the design incorporates a removable platform of 10 x 10 studs to construct the house (which in this case is loosely based on the pet shop modular building). The completed sphere is approximately 12 cm high.

The scale of individual components placed on the world isn’t important. For example, the van used in the Gas World certainly isn’t to Mini figure scale but I believe this gives the model more depth and also allows more flexibility as to where objects are placed on the world.

The pictures above and below show individual world segments used in the Gas Worlds prototype.

The picture below gives a better indication of the angles achieved in the model.

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